Transition to BRCGS Packaging Materials Issue 6

Product safety and quality system for packaging manufacturers

Start preparing for your audit to Issue 6 of the BRCGS Packaging Materials standard entering into force from February 2020. We can support you in moving to the new issue.

BRCGS Packaging Materials Issue 6 released in August assists producers along the entire supply chain deliver safe packaging materials, manage product quality to meet customers’ requirements and maintain legal compliance. From February 2020, all BRCGS Packaging Materials audits will be done to Issue 6 of the standard.

Otherwise, the emphasis on management commitment, hazard and risk analysis-based safety programs and supporting companies’ quality management systems continues. The changes intend to direct audit focus toward implementation of good manufacturing practices within the production areas all the while recognizing the diversity within the packaging industry and the skills required to audit this sector. 

Main key changes to the standard: 

While key features remain integral to the standard—such as reducing the audit burden, recognition of diversity within the industry, encouraging greater transparency and traceability – there are a few central developments:  

  • Enhancing the processes used by quality management systems in printed packaging controls (5.3) and through a hazard and risk analysis approach.
  • Continuing to ensure consistency of the audit process across the world.
  • The importance of a product safety and quality culture in the drive to improve transparency and coherence across the food supply chain (1.1.2). This is similar what is found in the BRCGS Food Safety Standard Issue 8.
  • Simplifying the hygiene requirements based solely on risk.
  • Introducing a new fundamental clause – 3.6 corrective and preventive actions – to address issues and minimise the risk of their occurring.
  • Based on risk, putting a microbiological environmental monitoring programme in place (4.8.5) to identify sources of pathogenic or food spoilage organisms in packaging production areas to allow for action to be taken to eliminate the potential for packaging contamination.
  • Simplifying the unannounced audit programme.

Recommended steps to prepare:

We recommend you to start preparing for your audit to Issue 6 of the BRCGS Packaging Materials standards as early as possible. This gives time to properly plan incorporation of needed changes into your management system. Recommended steps are:

  • Get to know the content and requirements of BRCGS Packaging Materials Issue 6. If you are already certified, you should focus on the changes in requirements. You can find relevant information and guidance documents in BRCGS Participate (Access credentials needed). The standard itself can be downloaded for free (pdf) from BRCGS Bookshop.
  • Ensure that relevant personnel in your organization is trained and understand the requirements and key changes.
  • Identify gaps which need to be addressed to meet the new requirements and establish an implementation plan. Implement actions and update your management system to meet the new requirements.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of implementation through internal audits, for example, and define further actions where needed.

Our auditors are prepared and have a full overview of the changes and what is required to transition from BRCGS Packaging Materials Issue 5 to Issue 6. We can support you with the necessary training, so that you can start preparing, assess your level of readiness and efficiently complete that transition. 

How can DNV support you?

In addition to conducting certification audits to Issue 6 of the standard from February 2020, DNV offers online and classroom training to help you prepare for the upcoming audit to BRCGS Packaging Materials Issue 6.  We also offer pre-assessments to help you and your company evaluate and identify any gaps before your first audit to Issue 6.

Our training offering includes: 

  • Webinar on key changes.
  • DNV’s Classroom training on key changes and conversion to Issue 6 with a DNV trainer.
  • BRCGS’s Classroom training with a DNV ‘s BRCGS Approved Training Partner on the following:
    • Global Standard for Packaging Materials Issue 5 to 6 for conversion for Sites.
    • Global Standard for Packaging Materials Issue 5 to 6 for conversion for Auditors & Professionals.
    • Global Standard for Packaging Materials Issue 6: Auditor Training.
    • Global Standard for Packaging Materials Issue 6: Sites Training.
  • Classroom BRCGS Safety Management training covering:
    • BRCGS Global Standard for Packaging Material: BRCGS Global Standards effective hazard and risk analysis (HARA)
    • Internal auditor
    • Root cause analysis
    • Risk assessment
    • Validation and verification
    • Vulnerability assessment for food fraud

Through our offices around the world, we can find a timely and suitable online or classroom training solution for your company and location.  Just get in touch with us to and we will help you.


BRCGS Packaging Materials Issue 6 - Transition Guide

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