ISO 17065 Certification

Service description
This document describes the DNV conditions and certification processes for certification to the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED). The document defines Customer and DNV obligations additional to the Terms and Conditions in the Product Certification Agreement between the parties and in the Certificate. Following the definitions in PED the Customer will in the following be referred to as the Manufacturer. The Manufacturer is responsible for designing and manufacturing a product intended to be placed on the European market.  

General conditions  
  • In addition to the general terms and conditions of the standard DNV Product Certification Agreement for PED, the following applies:
  • The certification will state compliance of the product to the relevant parts of the PED. The standards used by the manufacturer in order to achieve this will be listed on the certificate.  
  • The legislation relevant to the product(s) is the PED, which is transferred to national legislation in all European Economic Area (EEA) member states.  
  • If the requirements in PED do not provide sufficient guidance for evaluating the product the official PED Guidelines should be applied in first hand. If further clarification is needed DNV will use the recommendations from the PED Conformity Assessment Body Forum (CABF-R) which are commonly accepted by the Notified Bodies.  
  • DNV will not provide any consultancy services aiming to facilitate the certification. - All product information needed for the DNV evaluation of the product is treated as confidential.

Equipment categorization The PED divides pressure equipment into different risk categories. The services that we can offer you depend on the risk category of your pressure device. There are different modules (conformity assessment procedures) for demonstrating compliance with the requirements of PED to enable you to apply the CE Mark. In joint consultation, we look at which module is most suitable, taking into account the type of pressure equipment, the production volume and your own quality system. If you have your own quality system, you can, depending on the module, perform certain assessments and inspections within the PED yourself under the supervision of DNV. 
To initiate the certification process the applicant/company forwards; 
  • Signed application form(s) 
  • A notification stating time and place for the certification
If the requirements in Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and the relevant certification scheme are fulfilled DNV will issue the certificate stamped with “NoBo 2099 Accredited by DANAK under registration number 7051”.

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