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Awareness about "energy saving on board"

Technical measures and new innovations will only have an effect if the people on board are involved, support them and know how to use them. Therefore good communication and raising awareness about the issue of "energy saving on board" are important factors in order to improve energy efficiency.

The course is divided into different modules with topics ranging from technical tips and explaining hands on examples, to understanding the importance of teamwork and communication. The importance of the human factor and personal involvement is also highlighted.

After a short introduction, the main part of the course focuses on technical ideas, explainingwhere and how energy can be saved. Options for boosting energy efficiency looking at hull resistance, propulsion, main and auxiliary engines are covered. The course is interactive for the users. They have to calculate the savings on given sample figures and a vessel. The formulas used in the examples are generic - so the ideas can be transferred, independent of the ship type.

In the last module, all the measures discussed are rated according to the potential money to be saved, which results in an overview and an impressive final figure. The course ends with a test that the learners have to pass.

We offer you a well-designed and technically high level course. But we can also adapt the course to suit your company. Any specific documents, special procedures, specific questions - think about your specific requirements and come and discuss the possibilities with us in a personal meeting.

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