Better qualified and trained staff can reduce maritime casualties

One of the fundamental principles of safety management is that all incidents and accidents are preventable. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that whenever there is an accident or incident the causes are thoroughly investigated and measures are taken to prevent recurrence.

DNV GL's Maritime Academy puts a high emphasis on training companies and their employees on risk management processes. Necessary procedures, techniques and tools for effective accident and incident analysis are not necessarily part of the usual training profile in shipping companies but when it can save lives it should be made a top priority.
Taking a holistic view of risks Maritime Academy provides a fully comprehensive range of training courses covering all possible phases and aspects of the topic - before, during and after: from thorough risk assessment procedures, advisable and sensible handling during an incident, to final investigation and analysis.
Maritime Academy assists customers with finding appropriate courses for each stage of their development programme. The objective is clear: Avoiding damage to human life, the environment and property and making shipping safer.
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