DNV GL acquires minority shares in Valoritalia

Federdoc has sold 2% of its ownership in Valoritalia to DNV GL. The move supports Federdoc’s strategy to develop international markets and innovate its current service portfolio.

Valoritalia is the leading Italian player in the regulatory Food Product Certification market. It has a dominant position in the wine sector, where it holds more than 50% of the market share. Valoritialia is controlled by Federdoc (The Voluntary Consortia National Confederation for the Protection of Italian Wines Designations) who brings together almost all Italian wineries operating under the designation (DOCG-DOC-IGT).

Valoritalia’s main role is to guarantee and protect the unique characteristics, production and origin of Italian wine. The related labelling provides information and assurance of product origin and quality, covering wines sold on both the domestic and the international market.

“This partnership is a unique opportunity for DNV GL to work with the reference player in the Italian wine sector. We truly look forward to help them develop new opportunities and distinguish Italian wine to internationally consumers in a trusted way,” says Renato Grottola, Global Director Digital Assurance & Supply Chain, DNV GL-Business Assurance.

Valoritalia is eyeing a growing demand for Italian wine outside the domestic market. To be able to exploit the opportunity of increasing demand, the ability to distinguish the authenticity and origin of Italian wine on the international market. DNV GL brings to the partnership more than 150+ years of knowledge and experience globally working both with food and beverage as well as companies in other sectors for their certification and verification needs.