DNV GL survey simulator workshops - inspections of ships and offshore structures in virtual reality

Maritime authorities clearly stipulate that owners must ensure their ships comply with all the required rules and regulations. For example, the ISM Code explicitly requires ship inspections, including inspections of tanks, decks and sides, to be held at appropriate intervals. Non-conformities are to be reported with their possible causes and the appropriate corrective action is to be taken.

A good understanding about areas prone to deficiencies, acceptance criteria, maintenance principles or repair methods is therefore essential for those who carry out inspections on behalf of the owners.

With the Survey Simulator and its innovative and photorealistic virtual training environment this level of understanding can be achieved easily and efficiently. The high number of different deficiencies introduced into the models provides a perfect opportunity for learning a lot in a very short time. Under normal circumstances, it would take many years of experience to identify similar problems on real vessels.

Tutor-guided training sessions makes it possible to learn, share experiences with other course participants and properly evaluate each finding, including the most probable cause, and the influence on structural integrity, acceptance criteria, repair methods, etc. Such an approach leads to a good common understanding of selected topics, hull structure and other important factors (the design, building standard, loads, etc.).

The Survey Simulator software itself is simple to operate. Some typical inspection tools are available for the trainees. Just like in real life, they can use a torch, camera and spray. The biggest advantage lies in the virtual PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). This tool, depending on the chosen simulator mode, is used to display object-related information: correct naming, related certificates, the survey scope and requirements, and hints connected to areas of attention or particular deficiencies.

The Survey Simulator workshops are conducted at the DNV GL Technology Center in Gdynia, Poland and in selected countries.

The following workshops are currently on offer:

Category: Competence & Qualification

  • Dry Docking - Survey Simulator Workshop
  • ISM Internal Auditor - Survey Simulator Workshop

Category: Surveys and Inspections

  • Bulk Carrier Hull Inspection - Survey Simulator Workshop
  • Container Vessel Hull Inspection - Survey Simulator Workshop
  • Damages to the Machinery - Survey Simulator Workshop
  • Hull in Operation. Inspection & Repairs - Survey Simulator Workshop
  • Hull Strength and Inspection - Survey Simulator Workshop
  • Tank Inspection - Survey Simulator Workshop
  • Tanker Hull Inspection - Survey Simulator Workshop

Category: Production

  • Newbuilding Inspection - Survey Simulator Workshop

A one day hull inspection course for bulkers and oil tankers featuring the Survey Simulator software can also be arranged on request. This course does not allow hands-on use of the software but simulated images on board a vessel are used during the training.

  • Hull Inspection using 3D Simulator (Bulk Carriers)
  • Hull Inspection using 3D Simulator (Oil Tankers)

To find out more about these courses, please go to our website or contact your local Maritime Academy directly.

Experience the Survey Simulator

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