Advanced Distribution Management Systems


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For decades, the electric utility business model has been organized on the principles of centrally-controlled generation and variable consumption. Generation was mostly delivered from coal or nuclear plants, with its product still treated mostly like a public service rather than a consumer product. This model is under pressure from the convergence of flattening electricity demand, growth of green energy, cheap natural gas, distributed energy resources (DER) technologies, and microgrids [1]. In parallel with this, utilities have started to modernize the electric grid through the gradual development of a “smart grid” using various information technologies (IT) and operational technologies (OT) to manage electricity more efficiently. As part of this modernization, there has been a focus on optimization of existing assets. Understanding the real-time operation of assets has led to significant improvements.

This paper describes the current state of Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) for the U.S. market and DNV’s opinions on where this important market segment is moving, by these topics: The rising needs for a more ADMS; ADMS functionality and benefits; How cyber security and standards will play a part in the rollout of ADMS.

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