Energy efficient operation of ships - masterclass

Energy efficient operation of ships does not mean simply focussing on compliance; it means understanding the different options that can lead to real improvements in the efficiency of the vessels and how to implement them effectively.

The comprehensive two-day "Energy Efficient Operation of Ships - Masterclass" is composed of eight modules that cover the options in hydrodynamics, machinery operation and nautical operation, as well as their practical implications. Hull roughness and antifouling are discussed in depth with reference to the upcoming ISO 19030 standard (Measurement of changes in hull and propeller performance).

The eight modules are the following:

  • Fuels and Fuel Converters
  • Energy Efficiency Options in Operation (voyage planning & execution, trim, autopilots)
  • Energy Efficiency Options in Machinery (main, auxiliary, hotel load)
  • Energy Efficiency Options in Hydrodynamics (resistance, propulsion)
  • Hull & Propeller Roughness
  • Antifouling
  • Hull and Propeller Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Management Plans for Energy Efficiency

On completion of the course you will have acquired a solid understanding of all the key elements and saving potentials that will enable you to choose the right combination of measures for your vessels. And you will be in a much better position to obtain real benefits from your SEEMP.

Take advantage of this training and prepare your company for the future - become your company's expert on energy management.

Beside the compact masterclass, single in-depth courses covering the same topics are still available on request: